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My meeting in Ghent with Gigolo Vince

That day in Ghent, East Flanders, I am thinking that it is the first time that I am undertaking something for myself, no matter how trivial. I enjoy the workshop because it is interesting. But my wandering thoughts tell me that this is not enough. Oxygen runs through my head again. I feel my blood flow faster and my body awakening. The contrast between my crazy feeling and the gloom of my daily life could not be greater. Because the reality of the chilled steady relationship in which I am stranded is undeniable. The love for the 'kids' is the only thing that precludes the relationship with my husband to come to an absolute end.

But fortunately, I am well aware of it. I do realize in what kind of situation I ended up. Even better, I can see what inspires and excites me, and what makes me dream. And I know what I want to do. It's groundbreaking, something beyond every possible taboo. What I really want is feel that I am bold enough to contact Gigolo Vince while I am in Ghent. As soon as I realize this, the mere thought of it utterly fascinates me. It is not just a dream and a fantasy, but it is also a vital step forward for me. If I dare doing this, why should I not be able to reconsider my entire life and knead it the way I want it to be?

Physical affection with a stranger, a handsome man. What woman would not go wild just at the thought of it? But yet this is not the only thing. I want to enjoy the company of a true gentleman who lets me rediscover myself. Therefore, I will become what I do, the result of a deliberate decision to consciously claim some quality time and boost up my diminished self-esteem.

This afternoon I have another date with the man who made ​​me go beyond my boundaries, Gigolo Vince. We have agreed to meet in a hotel in the center of Ghent.

I can hardly wait until the course is finished this week.  When it finally comes to an end, I leave the class bursting with confidence and it is with an exciting tickle in my belly that I precede to my next "appointment".

When I knock at the door of the hotel room my heart beats faster.

The greeting could not have been more affectionate. People who do not know this can assert what they want, but Gigolo Vince is genuinely happy to see me.

I rapidly take care of the financial aspect to get it out of the way.  We have other, fierier things to concentrate on.

He gives me a firm hug. The kind that makes me feel loved and appreciated. The hug turns into a kiss and our mutual craving for more can no longer be hidden.

It's a wonderful feeling to know that we are not in any rush. That we can leisurely order a delicious dinner from room service and that we can extensively and naturally catch up about everything that took place in our lives since our last date.

After our meal, I feel 'mindfully connected' with him when he thoughtfully suggests drawing the curtains and lighting some candles. Soon thereafter we end up on the large bed and we enjoy each other's body. We caress, massage, rub, kiss, and touch to finally end up wonderfully intertwined and bonded...

This is life, I reflect, when I can fully enjoy things and can let go of all my worries.

I have energy again. And it is full of courage that I keep going, because life can indeed be 'pure fun'.

And above all: my life is mine!

Thank you, Vince;-) Amber from Ostend

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